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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishharmonyhar‧mo‧ny /ˈhɑːməni $ ˈhɑːr-/ ●○○ noun (plural harmonies)  1 [countable usually plural, uncountable]APM notes of music combined together in a pleasant wayin harmony a choir singing in perfect harmony the gorgeous vocal harmonies on ‘Mexicali Rose’ three-part harmoniessee thesaurus at music2 AGREE[uncountable] when people live or work together without fighting or disagreeing with each other I do believe it is possible for different ethnic groups to live together in harmony.peace and harmony an era of peace and harmonylive/work etc in harmony3 be in harmony with something4 [uncountable]NICE the pleasant effect made by different things that form an attractive whole the harmony of sea and sky discordCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: when people live or work together without fighting or disagreeing with each otheradjectivesracial/social/political harmonyWe aim to promote racial harmony through shared sporting activities.domestic harmony (=harmony in the home)There was a lot of tension beneath the impression of domestic harmony.perfect harmonyAs producer and director, the Coen brothers work together in perfect harmony.relative/reasonable harmony (=quite friendly and peaceful when compared to something else)The tribes have lived together in relative harmony for years.inner harmony (=a feeling of being peaceful and calm)His search for inner harmony led him to Buddhism.verbslive in harmonyThe two friends continued to live in harmony.work in harmonyHe urged all Americans to work in harmony to solve the nation’s problems.achieve harmonyIf this really is a fair society, why is it taking so long to achieve racial harmony?promote harmony (=do things that help friendship or peace develop or improve)We need to develop ways of promoting harmony between nations.create harmonyThe idea is to create better harmony in the community.restore harmony (=make friendship or peace exist again)The couple decided to put their problems behind them in an attempt to restore harmony to the family.phrasespeace and harmonyWe must stop these disagreements in the interests of peace and harmony.a sense of harmony (=a feeling of friendship and peace)There was a quiet sense of harmony between them as they walked along.
Examples from the Corpus
harmonyA few weeks later, Christine McVie was brought in to add a few keyboard and harmony vocal parts.But the apparent harmony was that of a ballroom Beirut.We sat down and talked in an effort to restore family harmony.The High Elves possess a great respect for their land and build their cities in harmony with nature as much as possible.All first year music students are required to take a class in harmony.Also it promotes that holistic sense of the whole of life's experience being brought into harmony, including the discords.Music is music: melody, harmony, rhythm and texture.In the conventional sense of the word, which conveys some sort of harmony with the natural world, it certainly was.four-part harmonyThe harmonies in her symphonies are wonderfully rich.in harmonyWe listened to the choir singing in perfect harmony.live/work etc in harmonyAnd yet all work in harmony and harm no one.Normally solitary characters, after infection these animals lived in harmony with each other, mating and raising many pups.With a number of teams in different departments working in harmony anything can be achieved.As a man with agricultural interests you will appreciate the importance of living in harmony with nature and of conserving the environment.The last two options working in harmony make perfect sense.Your skin asks for a gentle moisturiser that works in harmony with its own natural properties.Rainforest-dwelling people have learnt to live in harmony with their environment.