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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjazzyjazz‧y /ˈdʒæzi/ adjective informal  1 INTERESTINGbrightly coloured and modern a jazzy tie2 APMsimilar to the style of jazz music
Examples from the Corpus
jazzyThis was less jazzy, but still cool and laid-back, exercising a more minimal and subtle sound.The jazzy clarinet and saxophone solos of Norbert Stachel work well in setting the New Orleans milieu early on as well.Drummer Kevin Christiansen grounds the band, effortlessly changing time signatures with jazzy finesse, making it sound deceptively easy.A strange band, they rode a jazzy musical offshoot which often bordered on directionless experimentalism.Where he articulates the emotional arc of a rising arabesque with a jazzy staccato, she just doesn't get the point.a jazzy version of the song