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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkaraokekar‧a‧o‧ke /ˌkæriˈəʊki $ ˌkɑːrəˈoʊ-/ noun  [uncountable]APM an activity that people do for entertainment, in which someone sings a popular song while a karaoke machine plays the music to the song a karaoke bar
Examples from the Corpus
karaokeThis technique makes his songs as suitable for disco as for karaoke.And that there is more to entertainment than glorified karaoke.Norbert Grindstone, the much-hyped karaoke kids who should stick to karaoke.At least pub karaoke singers don't mime.Yagura Ichiban's karaoke lounge attracts an altogether different clientele.Or endless nights singing karaoke with the client at the only bar in town.The karaoke machine had played the tune a month before the tune turned up on the wireless set.By the way, contestants are reminded that, for those who require it, the usual karaoke backing is still available.