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lamentlament2 noun [countable]  APMa song, piece of music, or something that you say, that expresses a feeling of sadness A lone piper played a lament.lament for a lament for the dead
Examples from the Corpus
lamentWhat a dismal, doleful, baleful lament of a speech we had from him.The Farous' lament came to an end and the boy punched the tape out of its slot.More than offer: I had barely mentioned what my book was about when her lament came pouring out.A mariachi band approaches and launches into a lively lament on what it is to be alone and without love.Brueggemann then contrasts the pit imagery with that of the wing, which also occurs in these psalms of lament.On trips organised for food writers, public perfidy is a popular lament.However, it is clear that the technologist who replies to the conservationist's lament is not an alternative technologist.