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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlullabylul‧la‧by /ˈlʌləbaɪ/ noun (plural lullabies) [countable]  APMCHILDa slow quiet song sung to children to make them go to sleep
Examples from the Corpus
lullabyWhite noise is as safe as a lullaby.She said that all night long, like a lullaby, sometimes shaking me to keep me from nodding off.Somewhere in a room above them, a woman gently crooned the tune of a lullaby.It was a lullaby with simple words and a complex, Oriental-sounding tune.So was a lullaby, played on a guitar.It is carried on through the medium of lullabies.Penfield got many reports of lullabies and classical music, too.C.; they were sung about in Sumerian lullabies.