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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmandolinman‧do‧lin, mandoline /ˌmændəˈlɪn/ noun [countable]  mandolin.jpg APMa musical instrument with eight metal strings and a round back, played with a plectrum (=small piece of plastic, metal etc)
Examples from the Corpus
mandolinTry comparing a plucked note on a violin and on a mandolin and you will certainly notice the difference.A young fellow strummed on a mandolin and a woman sang a Hebrew song.This can be done with the slicer blade of a food processor or a mandolin.They had no mandolin but Ollie's guitar would do.Brown learned to play guitar, violin, harmonica, piano, mandolin, viola and drums.Yet the solo mandolin enjoyed a now-forgotten renaissance between about 1885 and 1920.Gish died in 1993, but the mandolin is still with us.And since the mandolin has a different tuning to the guitar, it gives you a different chord voicing to everybody else.