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marchmarch2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 PROTESTan organized event in which many people walk together to express their ideas or protest about something The police decided not to ban the march.protest/civil rights/peace etc march I went on a lot of peace marches when I was a student.2 PMWALKwhen soldiers walk with firm regular steps from one place to another The general led his forces on a long march southwards.3 on the march4 a day’s march/two weeks’ march etc5 the march of time/history/progress etc6 APMa piece of music for people to march to military marches a funeral march7 marches steal a march on at steal1(8)
Examples from the Corpus
marchThe soldiers did a march around the parade ground.Only one Valence had returned, to die slowly of poisons he had absorbed during the long march.Local trade union leaders joined in the protest march against cuts in government spending.So what, if anything, is being done to halt the seemingly relentless march of rainforest destruction?a Civil Rights march in WashingtonWith fatigued muscles, we endured ruck marches, long runs and obstacle courses.I'd just settled in my place when the trumpets blew and the march struck up for the grand parade.Since Wallace returned from the march, he has committed himself to making change in his neighborhood individual by individual.Thousands of students took part in the march.And a group in San Francisco is using the anniversary of the march to hold a march of its own Thursday.I did put the wedding march to a blue grass beat.protest/civil rights/peace etc marchIn March 1965 a civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, had been broken up by police.Paisley's second prison term was the result of his organizing a blockade of Armagh to prevent a civil rights march.The incident received widespread television and press publicity, and prompted a civil rights march on 24 August from Coalisland to Dungannon.Protestant violent action against Civil Rights marches was seen by Catholics as a threat to their communities.Southern police responded to sit-ins and civil rights marches with fire hoses, tear gas, beatings, and arrests.