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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedleymed‧ley /ˈmedli/ noun [countable]  1 APMa group of songs or tunes sung or played one after the other as a single piece of musicmedley of He played a medley of Beatles songs.2 [usually singular]MIX a mixture of different types of the same thing which produces an interesting or unusual effectmedley of an exotic medley of smells a medley of architectural styles3 DSSa swimming race in which the competitors swim using four different strokes the 400 metres individual medley
Examples from the Corpus
medleyDennis told me to cheer up and threatened to sing me a medley.The suspect has little opportunity for demonstrating his or her innocence against any one of a medley of permissive street powers.Sometimes they pipe out a medley, filling the woods with a cacophony of avian lechery.This passes a medley of buildings before commencing a steady climb, fringed by trees, to Twisleton Hall, a farm.Let me present a medley of these edifying yarns.a medley of popular Christmas carolsIf you want a taste of Torme as the consummate show stopper, Rhino offers you his classic, 15-minute Gershwin medley.Unseen in all this great medley of hidden activity the verderers were riding.He finished fourth in his best event, the 200-meter individual medley, at the trials in March.a delicately prepared medley of vegetables