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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmelodicme‧lod‧ic /məˈlɒdɪk $ -ˈlɑː-/ adjective  1 APMC formal something that sounds melodic sounds like music or has a pleasant tune Their music is loud and not very melodic. a deep melodic voice2 technicalAPM concerned with the main tune in a piece of music There is very little melodic variation in the piece.
Examples from the Corpus
melodicSo the success of vocal music lies largely in its melodic and harmonic qualities, coupled with a convincing musical form.But inside the echo were sounds not quite their own-a kind of threnody, a weeping, something melodic and sad.We have discussed different methods of melodic construction.I am not so convinced about his melodic gifts in this work.The electric bass for ever altered the relationship between the rhythm section, the horns, and other melodic instruments.Throughout, there are no awkward melodic leaps; everything proceeds smoothly, by arpeggio or by step.Lloyd played streams of difficult notes with extreme accuracy, but his melodic lines with no feel of inner engagement.the melodic structure of Beethoven's symphoniesHe was in full melodic voice, singing the latest calypso, and did not hear Stephen's shouts of outrage.