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Date: 1200-1300
Language: Latin
Origin: nota 'mark, character, written note'


1 noun
note1 S1 W1

to remind you

a) [countable] something that you write down to remind you of something:
Dave made a note of her address and phone number.
Keep a careful note of any problems you have with the software.

make a (mental) note to do something

to decide that you must remember to do something later:
He made a mental note to arrange a time to meet her.

for studying


[plural] information that a student writes down during a lesson, from a book etc:
Can I borrow your lecture notes?
take/make notes (=write notes)
I read the first chapter and took notes.

short letter

[countable] a short informal letter:
I was going to write Kathy a note, but I decided to call her instead.
This is just a quick note to let you know that I won't be in the office tomorrow.
a suicide note (=a note telling someone that you are going to kill yourself)
a thank you note (=a note to say thank you for something)

official letter

[countable]PG an official letter or document
sick note British English (=a note saying that you are too ill to go to work or school)
delivery note (=a document showing that goods have been delivered)
diplomatic note (=a formal letter from one government to another)
credit note, promissory note

additional information

[countable]TCN a short piece of writing at the bottom of a page or at the end of a book or document which gives more information about something written in the main part:
The notes are at the back of the book.
explanatory/guidance notes
A set of guidance notes is provided to assist applicants in completing the form.
footnote (1)


[countable]APM a particular musical sound, or a symbol representing this sound
high/low note
She has a good voice but has trouble hitting the high notes.


[countable] British English also bank notePEC a piece of paper money worth a particular amount of money [= bill AmE; ↪ coin]:
a ten-pound note

feeling or quality

[singular] a type of feeling or quality when someone speaks or does something
note of
There was a note of doubt in her voice.
He brought a note of realism into the debate.
on a ... note (=speaking in a particular way)
She ended her speech on a personal note.
On a more serious note, I'd like to thank everyone for all their support.

hit/strike the right/wrong note

to succeed or not succeed in being right and suitable for a particular occasion:
Bush is hoping to hit the right note again with voters.

take note (of something)

to pay attention to something [= notice]:
People were beginning to take note of her talents as a writer.
His first album made the music world stand up and take note.

somebody/something of note

formal important, interesting, or famous:
The college has produced several architects of note.
The village has a number of buildings of note.

worthy/deserving of note

important or interesting and deserving particular attention [↪ noteworthy]:
three recent novels that are especially worthy of note

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