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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishovertoneo‧ver‧tone /ˈəʊvətəʊn $ ˈoʊvərtoʊn/ noun  1 overtones2 [countable] technicalAPM a higher musical note that sounds together with the main note
Examples from the Corpus
overtoneTo me it held overtones of rot and decomposition, perhaps imaginary because of my worries about the condition of the raft.The suggestion for a moratorium on nuclear testing, with its overtones of propaganda, was old and unexciting.It is an informal, forward looking activity with no overtones of criticism.It was an unofficial meeting with official overtones.Furthermore, these viewpoints in this problem situation are very emotive as they have moral and political overtones.We had a disastrous snowfall which had serious political overtones.Be mindful, while you communicate, of the overtones as well as the basic content of your message.