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phrasephrase2 verb [transitive]  1 SAYto express something in a particular way Polly tried to think how to phrase the question. Sorry, I phrased that badly.2 APMto perform music in order to produce the full effect of separate musical phrases→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
phraseHow was the question phrased?Whether or not they can sing, all these players have a tremendous understanding of how to phrase.The ways various denyers, bouncers, et al., can be phrased are always beyond count.It could equally be phrased in a way that fits in more with the way of eminence.The phrasing is ample and idiomatic, the sincerity is heartbreaking.However, I would argue that it begs the question to phrase it in such a way.But something was missing, politeness maybe. although the inquiries were phrased nicely, the interest seemed like condescension.What makes you successful is that you can phrase things in a way that is inspirational, that makes coalitions possible.