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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpop musicˈpop ˌmusic noun [uncountable]  APMmodern music that is popular, especially with young people, and usually consists of simple tunes with a strong beat
Examples from the Corpus
pop musicFrom the perspective of youth culture and pop music two aspects of this are significant.When you work in rock and pop music, you are in the thick undergrowth.Another example is pop music, emanating from radio, audio cassettes, etc., and geared to a specific age group.We were also all cynical, embittered by the process of pop music.More and more people are getting the standard pop music motifs off their chests in favour of designs which highlight the off-beat and individual.The relentless throb of the pop music soothed David and calmed the panic that seized his heart.But both confess that they originally learned to play guitar and did so from an adolescent adoration of Western pop music.