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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraprap1 /ræp/ noun  1 music [countable, uncountable] (also rap music)APM a type of popular music in which the words of a song are not sung, but spoken in time to music with a steady beat a popular rap song2 knock [countable]HIT a series of quick sharp hits or knockstap She was woken by a sharp rap on the door.3 crime [countable] American English informal a statement by the police saying that someone is responsible for a serious crime syn chargemurder/robbery etc rap The kid’s been cited twice on drunk-driving raps. rap sheet4 take the rap (for something)5 beat the rap6 a rap on/over the knuckles7 a bum/bad rap
Examples from the Corpus
rapA few seconds later a rap on the side caused several sinuous silhouettes to leap back into the shadows.There was a rap at the kitchen door.Music ranges from funk and rap to house, but is always the last word in drop-dead cool.The Roots rocked the house, bringing its own style of rap.We heard a sharp rap on the door.I just tell him to shut up and give him a sharp rap across the knuckles.At the news conference, Bennett played the radio ads along with excerpts from the rap music in question.What you hope he will do is to remain silent and let Preval make decisions and take the rap for unpopular choices.Along with rap artists and basketball players, these are the black men the black boys look up to.