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refrainrefrain2 noun [countable]  1 APMpart of a song or poem that is repeated, especially at the end of each versechorus2 formalREPEAT a remark or idea that is often repeated Our proposal met with the constant refrain that the company could not afford it.
Examples from the Corpus
refrainEver since the 23d of September he had recommenced his eternal refrain by demanding reinforcements, and... more reinforcements!Both Mama Bear and Papa Bear repeat their familiar refrain.His swollen, inflamed face had become unbearable now; he could neither touch it, nor refrain from touching it.Her own refrain went: This is not for me.Most notable were the razor-sharp bottleneck on Cloud Nine and the familar, sliding refrain of Something.And beneath it, that refrain of betrayal."Never again" is the refrain associated with the Holocaust.Who is the beloved who sings this refrain to her lover?This refrain might play well in Washington, but it gets less true by the day.