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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrenderingren‧der‧ing /ˈrendərɪŋ/ noun  1 APMAPT[countable] someone’s performance of a play, piece of music etc syn renditionrendering of a spirited rendering of the national anthem2 [countable] the way an expression, piece of writing etc is translated or explained, or the way an event, situation etc is describedaccurate/literal etc rendering of something a faithful rendering of historical events3 TBCTIM[countable, uncountable] British English a material made of cement and sand, used on the outside walls of buildings
Examples from the Corpus
renderingan architectural renderingBy careful timing they gave good renderings of a number of popular tunes.But unlike many such exhibits, this goes beyond the typical tan, gold and mint-green renderings of life in the past.Cracks in rendering should be raked out, cut back to sound material if necessary and then filled with new mortar.For Delia, each new portrait is invested with the task of finding an appropriate vocabulary for its particular rendering.a poetic rendering