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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrequestre‧quest1 /rɪˈkwest/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  1 ASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO somethinga polite or formal demand for somethingrequest for They have made an urgent request for international aid.request from requests from customers for more informationrequest that Anderson repeated his request that we postpone the meeting.at somebody’s request (=because someone asked for it to be done) The study was done at the request of the Chairman.on request (=if you ask for it) Further details will be sent on request.by request There were no flowers at the funeral, by request.see thesaurus at question2 AMTAPMa piece of music that is played on the radio because someone has asked for itCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a requestI’d like to make a request.submit/put in a request (=make a formal request)The request was first submitted a number of months ago.He has put in a request for two weeks' holiday.agree to a request (also grant somebody’s request formal)The judge granted his request.Diana was happy to agree to his request.refuse/reject a request (also turn down somebody’s request)He rejected their request for a meeting.This request was turned down because of the cost.receive a requestThey had received two urgent requests for assistance.consider a requestAfter carefully considering this request, the council rejected it.respond to a requestThank you to those who responded to our request for information last month.ignore a requestThey ignored repeated requests to leave the property.adjectivesa formal requestThe government made a formal request for food aid.a special requestDo you have any special requests?an urgent requestThe family made an urgent request on television for help in finding their daughter.a reasonable requestIt seemed like a reasonable request.a strange/unusual requestThis is rather an unusual request.a written requestIf you wish to take you child on holiday during the school term, you must make a formal written request.repeated requests The bank would not reveal its figures, despite repeated requests.
Examples from the Corpus
requestThey weren't channelled through to me of course until I made a request for such reports.She refused all requests for an interview.On the homeless front, 71 percent of the cities surveyed reported increases in requests for emergency shelter.My grandfather's last request was that there should be no flowers at his funeral.So I wrote my request on a sheet of paper.My request that everyone remain seated was ignored.Information about our testing procedure is available on request.A Table of Fees giving fuller details can be obtained from the Registry on request.Davis's request to do research rather than teach this semester is being considered.Cummings eventually resigned at the governor's request.Magistrates refused a similar request last December after residents' objections, but Anchor resubmitted the application.San Antonio registered a 36 percent increase while the number of such requests in San Francisco remained even.Ray made a formal written request to meet with Douglas.The board has granted your request for funding.request thatA request that prosecution witnesses be tendered for examination was not tantamount to an objection under s 102.Include your full name and address, and request that your name be removed from their mailing list.And they have requested that one of their representatives will be allowed to be present in order to put their case.Anderson repeated his request that we postpone the meeting.I requested that Mr Brezzo bring curators to our meetings to discuss responsibility for protecting our valuable paintings.At the end of the day, the lads requested that we do something for them.Murphy had specifically requested that Menshikov bring Kostiouk with him.Students requested that the school provide more computer classes.This is to request that you will send me no more goods unless ordered.