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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestrest1 /rest/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 relaxing [countable, uncountable]REST a period of time when you are not doing anything tiring and you can relax or sleep You look exhausted! Why don’t you take a rest?2 the rest3 put/set somebody’s mind at rest4 come to rest5 give it a rest6 give something a rest7 at rest8 and all the rest of it9 and the rest10 lay/put something to rest11 lay somebody to rest12 music [countable] a) APMa period of silence of a particular length in a piece of music b) APMa written sign that shows how long the period of silence should be headrest, footrest, backrest, → and the rest is history at history(10)COLLOCATIONSverbshave/take a restI’m going upstairs to have a rest.get some restYou’d better get some rest if you’re driving back tonight.deserve a restI think we deserve a rest after all that hard work.adjectivesa well-earned/well-deserved rest (=a rest after working hard)Our players are taking a well-earned rest before the start of the new season.a complete restThe doctor had advised a complete rest for a fortnight.a little/short restHe decided to stop and take a short rest.a long restWhat I need is a nice long rest.a good rest (=a complete rest that relaxes you)I’m sure you need a good rest.rest + NOUNa rest day/periodThe crew had a three hour rest period before their next flight.
Examples from the Corpus
restTry and give your ankle a rest so it will heal better.By the fourth day, we were all in need of a rest.Is it present with the limb at rest or mainly on movement?He eats a lot of junk food, and he doesn't get enough rest.Make sure you have a good rest this weekend.They decided to stop driving and take a short rest.In the lounge Lord Beddington was taking a short rest after the exigencies of luncheon.One hour later, the circuit breakers shut down the markets for the rest of the day.He was fully responsible for the rest of his life.Performances have been added throughout the rest of the month.It almost went out with the rest of the junk mail.The rest of this chapter relies extensively upon the research the writer undertook in 1986 and 87.