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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrhythm sectionˈrhythm ˌsection noun [countable]  APMthe part of a band that provides a strong rhythm with drums and other similar instrumentspercussion
Examples from the Corpus
rhythm sectionIt also saw Joyce and Rourke emerging as a formidable rhythm section.It was in Vegas that Sinatra decided to book Norvo as his opening act and as his regular rhythm section.The electric bass for ever altered the relationship between the rhythm section, the horns, and other melodic instruments.Try I fall in love too easily for the young Marsalis's strong sound gelling with the experience of the rhythm section.The rhythm Section became the stars.The rhythm section of these hits then began cutting behind the poorly shouted vocals of a white keyboardist named Harry Casey.The rhythm section provided a perfect cushion for the soloists, springy and supportive but never obtrusive.