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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishriffriff1 /rɪf/ noun [countable]  1 APMa repeated series of notes in popular or jazz music a guitar riff2 a piece of speech in which someone talks about a subject in an entertaining way that does not seem planned He goes off on a riff about the problems of being middle-aged.
Examples from the Corpus
riffHe rode to fame on the mambo and cha-cha craze of the Eisenhower years, dazzling audiences with his frenetic riffs.Berry's guitar riffs inspired several generations of bands.M., and opens with a lot of squiggly guitar riffs as the full-motion video kicks in.The next example is the catchy syncopated intro riff taken from the single Teaser.No hooks, no memorable riffs.When our buckets are full, we top the tour with a skidding riff of singing sand.The serious climbers would not be seen dead with such riff raff.Blackbirds trade riffs with each other through the trees.