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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrock and rollˌrock and ˈroll noun [uncountable]  APMrocknroll
Examples from the Corpus
rock and rollTo understand the new movement, one must go back to the time before rock and roll was born.In the exercise room, an aerobics session was in progress, to be followed by rock and roll dancing.Bill was definitely rock and roll.The press, in particular, printed sensational reports of the happenings at cinemas and concerts featuring rock and roll films and music.This is pure unadulterated punk-injected rock and roll.But the organ music was lovely, although some of the vocalists sang rather modern stuff, a bit like rock and roll.At times the Crown Prince swapped the staid dance music for rather, more lively rock and roll.Radio Saigon played nonstop rock and roll, and it was on morning, noon, and night.