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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaxophonesax‧o‧phone /ˈsæksəfəʊn $ -foʊn/ (also sax /sæks/ informal) noun [countable]  saxophone.jpg APMa curved musical instrument made of metal that you play by blowing into it and pressing buttons, used especially in popular music and jazz
Examples from the Corpus
saxophoneIn one corner was a cello; in another a saxophone.Biscoe is a saxophone virtuoso of great lyricism, passion, stamina, and considerable versatility.I feel good when people tell me I play the flute like a saxophone.The jazzy clarinet and saxophone solos of Norbert Stachel work well in setting the New Orleans milieu early on as well.Clyde also brought along his saxophone and sheet music.Berne started playing saxophone in high school.Alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet, flute. b Baltimore.Tenor and soprano saxophones. b. White's Chapel, Oklahoma, 1940.