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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscorescore1 /skɔː $ skɔːr/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 in a gameDSRESULT the number of points that each team or player has won in a game or competition At half-time the score was one all. What’s the score? Is anybody keeping score (=making a record of the score)? The final score was Southampton two, Leeds United nil.score of a score of 3–22 in a test or experiment a) the number of points a student has earned for correct answers in a test The school’s test scores have not improved.score of a score of 90% b) the number of points that a person or group of people gets in a scientific test or experimentscore of He had an IQ score of 120.3 musicAPM a written or printed copy of a piece of music, especially for a large group of performers, or the music itself a musical score Who wrote the score for the movie?4 on that score5 know the score6 settle a score7 markMARK a mark that has been cut onto a surface with a sharp tool deep scores in the wood
Examples from the Corpus
scoreScores on standardized tests have been steadily falling over the past ten years.After two hours and twenty minutes of play, the final score was 3-2.The final score was 2-1 to Juventus.The final score went up on the scoreboard, and the crowd let out a roar.Individual scores were then aggregated to derive shift, department, division, and plant totals.a jazz scoreWe provide parents with reading and math scores and high school placements.These words would all have the same or a very similar score and would combine exponentially into word paths.Average test scores have fallen in recent years.Students at King elementary generally have the highest test scores in the city.At the end of the game, the score was 32-15.With only nine seconds left to go, the score is tied at 82.What was the score?Williams has written the score for many of Spielberg's movies.The score of 87 represents low or below-average academic aptitude.The score at half-time was 12-18.Before, archery was a series of flights of shooters aiming at a target and counting up their scores.On this score they were identical to the preceding game: slow starters with a propensity to give away simple penalties.Rentokil's total score was 71.33 out of a possible 90 points.keeping scoreThey are keeping scores of officials under house arrest in the hotel.Maynard Bolster, wintering from Kalispell, Mont., is in his customary seat, dutifully keeping score.It became obvious from a number of research studies that employees enjoyed keeping score.The number of records sold was a way of keeping score.Now lobbyists sit right in the Committee room keeping score.For those keeping score, that's rock bottom in 6 of 10 categories.test scoresOne widely cited study has suggested that piano training at age 3 may improve some academic test scores.The demands for higher test scores seem to emphasize speed and coverage, not depth of understanding or commitment.However, test scores for 14-year-olds have remained constant at 55 per cent.Teachers are under pressure to improve test scores.I would want people to look not only at my test scores hut at my entire application.This may simply involve calculating correlations between two sets of test scores.It refers in general to the confidence the tester can attach to decisions based on the test scores.Standardized testing for all students on a yearly basis, with test scores to be reported in the media.They spend ever more on public education, yet test scores and dropout rates barely budge.