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serenadeserenade2 verb [transitive]  APMif you serenade someone, you sing or play music to them, especially to show them that you love them→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
serenadeHe opened the Rabelais to a page and began reading, walking to the kitchen doorway to serenade Alice with the flow.Costa del Sol is a comment on the package holiday, a couple being serenaded by Antonio.I was down there serenading my heart out and they all started to pop their heads out of the window.At Macy's Plaza, a pianist gracefully serenades shoppers and a fountain offers a soothing respite from the pounding sidewalks outside.From three strategically located stages, well-known musical groups provide a dancing beat while roving bands serenade the crowd.There are the quiet, maudlin times: injured parties, slighted lovers, Chet Baker playing to serenade them.Daryl Johnston, the most celebrated blocking back on the planet, is serenaded with moose calls anytime he touches the football.