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singlesingle2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 musicTCR a CD that has only one song on it, not a number of songs, or a song which is sold in this wayalbum Have you heard their latest single?2 sport a) DSCone run2 in a game of cricket b) DSBa hit that allows the person who is hitting the ball to reach first base in a game of baseball3 singles4 singles5 ticket British EnglishTT a ticket for a trip from one place to another but not back again syn one-way ticket American Englishreturn A single to Oxford, please.6 money American EnglishPEC a piece of paper money worth one dollar Anybody have five singles?7 room a room in a hotel for just one persondouble I’m afraid we haven’t got any singles available.
Examples from the Corpus
singlethe Top 40 singles chartOr how many divorced singles live there.Does anybody have five singles?The category of singles includes people in various stages of life.The average cost of recording a pop single was in thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.In the men's singles, Hunter proceeded to the final without conceding a set and ended wildcard entry.She began playing tennis at age 4, and has 21 Grand Slams singles titles to her credit.The possibility of commercial suicide aside, the single was to become the perfect deflecting plate for the new album.