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slurslur2 noun [countable]  1 CRITICIZEan unfair criticism that is intended to make people dislike someone or somethingslur on/against Milton regarded her comment as a slur on his country. How dare she cast a slur on (=criticize) my character? a racist slur2 APM technical a curved line written over musical notes to show they must be played together smoothly
Examples from the Corpus
slurWith intense anger, I repeat, how dare she cast a slur on my character?Your accusation of bribe-taking is a slur which I shall never forgive.In modern notation it would be marked with horizontal dashes under a slur.He didn't appreciate slurs on his manhood - even jokey ones.California winemakers are now in the process of turning that ethnic slur on its head.That's no slur when there's thousands homeless through the crimes of the property dealers.The caller complained about racial slurs made by co-workers at the company.Certainly it is the stuff of his sophomoric jokes, cheap one-liners and stereotyping slurs.cast ... slur onHow dare the hon. Gentleman cast a slur on the training arrangements currently in place in this country?With intense anger, I repeat, how dare she cast a slur on my character?