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solosolo2 adjective [only before noun]  1 ALONEdone alone without anyone else helping yousolo flight/voyage/ascent Ridgeway’s solo voyage across the Atlantic the first solo ascent of Everest a solo effort2 APMrelating to a record or piece of music that is performed by a single musician, not a group a solo album a solo passage for violasolo adverb When did you first fly solo? Amos quit the company, determined to go solo (=work for himself).
Examples from the Corpus
soloComputer bridge programs will let you play solo.Winans released her solo album at age 31.And I really do dread Morrissey's solo career, once they have split.Matt now lives in Los Angeles, where he is trying to launch a solo career.The final ethereal prayer and solo duet were beautifully sung.LeRoy took his first solo flight that weekend.The result is that we encounter unsuspected shades of gray, with solo flute and bassoon weaving ironic commentaries.Trevor McDonald was made solo frontman.A musical prodigy, he played solo recitals by age 12.Albert wants to take a solo sailing trip around the world.However, U2 will have sorely disappointed fans who rely on the music press as their solo source of information.What local people are listening to is not solo throat-singers, but tradition-based pop or tradition-based rock.solo effortEventually, Murphy ran at the Otters defence and scored the equaliser with a brilliant solo effort.Though supported by the Cheltenham Group, this is an entirely solo effort, and all types of subject are covered.go soloGary says: I was the first person to go solo.There Charles went solo again, unveiling a plaque - which bore both their names - as Diana stood meekly behind him.After an inauspicious début as part of a band, Amos went solo and relocated to London.Tucson glassmaker Alfredo Rivera goes solo at Davis Dominguez.That Hayes got his chance to go solo during this hectic period was obviously good.But since Osbourne went solo in 1980, a variety of hotshots have taken the guitar spot.Long before going solo the student should have learned the mnemonic by heart.Then she and Jimmy sang the song together, Jimmy going solo when required and she likewise.