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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsopranoso‧pra‧no1 /səˈprɑːnəʊ $ -ˈprænoʊ/ noun (plural sopranos)  1 APM[countable] a very high singing voice belonging to a woman or a boy, or a singer with a voice like this mezzo-soprano2 [singular] the part of a musical work that is written for a soprano voice or instrument She sings soprano.alto, baritone, bass, tenor
Examples from the Corpus
sopranoAt 9, he became a busy boy soprano, beginning a six-year scholarship to a cathedral choir.With the Hebrides Ensemble and the remarkable soprano Lucy Shelton, more revelation was to follow.Yet the beneficent mezzo-soprano voice is not really the ideal instrument, and this soprano has a younger, fresher tone.The conductor was highly critical about her performance and Nilsson ended up a very unhappy soprano.Alessandra Marc, Deborah Voigt, sopranos.Across the aisle, Mrs Stych expanded her tremendous bosom to shout to the Lord in a wobbly soprano.