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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoundtracksound‧track /ˈsaʊndtræk/ noun [countable]  AMFAPMthe recorded music from a filmsoundtrack to the soundtrack to ‘Top Gun’
Examples from the Corpus
soundtrackThe trilogy will include previously unreleased footage as well as new visual effects and an enhanced soundtrack.The Jam and Lewis soundtrack powers up some fairly physical action sequences, and there is a surprising amount of killings.The stereo soundtrack has different information on each channel, so that sequences can be played twice with a different soundtrack each time.The melancholy was as asphyxiating as the soundtrack offence with its cacophony of four-letter obscenities.The ideal would be to have the soundtrack on an audio cassette.To carry emotional moments, Miller pumps up the treacly soundtrack, lending it the importance of a main character.