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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstaffstaff1 /stɑːf $ stæf/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 workers [countable, uncountable]WORKER the people who work for an organizationstaff of 10/50 etc Our department has a staff of seven. The entire staff has done an outstanding job this year. They employ a total of 150 staff. The staff were very helpful.medical/academic/library etc staff a strike by ambulance staff one of our longest-serving staff membersmember of staff British English I’d like to welcome a new member of staff.on the staff (of something) We were both on the staff of the British Film Institute at the time.on staff American English Joan is the only lawyer we have on staff. a staff meetingstaff room British English (=a room for teachers in a school)GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In British English, staff is usually followed by a plural verb: The staff are against the idea.In American English, staff is usually followed by a singular verb: The museum’s staff is composed of volunteers.You say a staff member (or a member of staff in British English) or an employee, when talking about one person on the staff. Don’t use a staff to refer to one person.When talking about different groups of people, the plural form staffs is sometimes used, but it is much less common than staff: head teachers and their staffs 2 stick [countable] (plural staves /steɪvz/) a) old useD a long thick stick to help you walk b) PGa long thick stick that an official holds in some ceremonies3 music [countable]APM especially American English the set of five lines that music is written on syn stave4 the staff of life general staff, ground staffCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + stafffull-time/part-time staffThe school has over 100 full-time staff.permanent/temporary staffMuch of the work is done by temporary staff.senior/junior staffI have taken on board the comments of my senior staff.medical/academic/technical etc staffWe would like to thank all the medical staff at Broadgreen Hospital.hospital/library/office etc staffHe had responsibility for training library staff.support staff (=office staff, technical staff etc)A school needs good support staff.trained/qualified staffRecruitment of trained staff was a continuing problem.staff + NOUNa staff member (also a member of staff British English)At least one staff member should always be present.a staff meetingOn Wednesdays there’s our weekly staff meeting.staff trainingThe company has made a massive investment in staff training.the staff room British English (=a room for teachers in a school)I usually have a coffee in the staff room before school starts.staff morale (=how happy and confident the staff somewhere feel)Staff morale has been badly affected by the reorganisation.verbshave staff (also employ staff formal)The hotel has 145 staff.join the staffKelly Jones has joined the staff as a medical secretary.phrasesbe on the staff British English, be on staff American English:He is no longer on the staff.
Examples from the Corpus
staffOur department has a staff of 7.It's cost more than a million pounds, but staff and children say it's worth every penny.But his remarks about some of the traditional chippy staff have enraged workers in the region.Finally, consensus participation attempts to involve all user department staff throughout the design and development of the system.The inspiration she gave to her staff and her friends continues now that she is gone.Our library staff will be happy to help if you are unable to find the book you want.It was not long before I experienced my first crisis as her chief of staff.The Commission has a permanent staff of 24 and, in addition, employs eight seasonal staff during the summer and autumn periods.In 1998, she joined the President's personal staff in the White House.Both the Dodgers and the Reds have strong pitching staffs.Ford is looking for part-time sales staff.I don't think any of the staff believed I already knew.The staff were clearly worried about rumours of job losses.