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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstavestave1 /steɪv/ noun [countable]  1 APMthe set of five lines on which music is written2 APMone of the thin curved pieces of wood fitted close together to form the sides of a barrel
Examples from the Corpus
staveMany of the older men, the ones I took to be workers, carried iron staves.Troops opened fire on crowds armed with iron staves and knives.The rough staves were usually imported from Scandinavia and were brought up river by barge.Early casks had butt joints but later the staves were tongued and grooved.She wandered all over the stave and produced a curious counterpoint to the tune.The staves were subjected to heat, usually from a small fire of shavings to form them into the characteristic shape.This is placed between two staves and moved to wherever you want it by using the cursor keys.At first, the Sisters themselves tried knocking in a few nails or propping up walls with staves.