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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstudystud‧y1 /ˈstʌdi/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural studies)  1 research [countable]STUDY a piece of work that is done to find out more about a particular subject or problem, and usually includes a written report Recent studies show that women still get paid a lot less than men.study of/into/on a study of Australian wild birds The study was carried out between January and May 2008. case study2 learning [uncountable]LEARNSTUDY when you spend time learning, especially at home or by yourself rather than during school Set aside a period of time specifically for study. ways to improve study skills (=skills that help you study efficiently and be successful in school)3 subject [uncountable] (also studies [plural])a subject that people study at a college or universitystudy of Linguistics is the study of language. Environmental Studiesliterary/historical/scientific etc study the scientific study of earthquakes4 somebody’s studies5 careful consideration [uncountable] when you examine or consider something very carefully and in detail a report that deserves careful study6 room [countable]DHH a room in a house that is used for work or studyoffice7 art [countable]AVPICTURE a small detailed drawing, especially one that is done to prepare for a large painting Renoir’s studies of small plants and flowers 8 music [countable]APM a piece of music, usually for piano, that is often intended for practice9 make a study of something10 be a study in something11 a quick studyCOLLOCATIONSverbsdo a study/carry out a study (also conduct a study formal)The scientists are carrying out a study into the effects of global warming.a study finds somethingThe study found that men were more likely to take risks.a study shows somethingStudies have shown that the drug works.a study suggests/indicates somethingA British study suggests that older drivers are safer drivers.a study reveals something (=shows something, especially something surprising)A recent study revealed that 74% of donuts are bought on impulse.a study confirms something (=shows that something is true)The study confirms what we all know – smoking is also bad for the people around you. a study aims to do somethingThe study aimed to identify the housing needs of local people. publish a studyThe study was published in the British Medical Journal.fund a study (=pay for it)The study was funded by a major US drugs company. commission a study (=ask someone to carry out a study)The government has commissioned a study into the health of residents living near the power station.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + studya research studyResearch studies have found that young people are drinking no more than they were 20 years ago.a detailed study (also an in-depth study)They carried out a detailed study into the effects of the disease on mice. a two-year/three-month etc studyThey are engaged in a five-year study into the effects of calcium on bone health.a huge/massive studyThe journal published the results of a massive study of 87,000 women. a previous/earlier studyThe report is a summary of the work done in earlier studies.a pilot study (=one done to find out if something will be successful)The government has just completed a pilot study, with some encouraging results.a feasibility study (=one done to find out if something is possible or practical)They commissioned a feasibility study into re-opening the whole railway line.phrasesthe aims of a studyThe aims of this study are to examine the reliability of current techniques. the results/findings of a studyThe results of this study suggest that the drug is effective in over 80% of cases.His research confirmed the findings of earlier studies.
Examples from the Corpus
studyStudies of dolphins have shown that they are able to communicate information to each other.We're doing a study into how much time people spend watching television each day.The Peace Corps Volunteers were a study in contrast.Our comparative study of political culture includes five democracies.Woodward's busy work schedule left little time for study on her MBA degree.Most of the relevant experimental evidence on this issue comes not from studies of latent inhibition but from investigations of conditioning itself.Later studies have concentrated on comparisons with attitudes to oil development in Dorset and on reactions to Chernobyl.Berne has published a review of studies on sex education programs in public schools.The exhibition includes a series of studies by Picasso for his painting Guernica.A series of studies was made to discover the relationship between diet and behavior.Recent studies have shown that women find it harder than men to give up smoking.A Scandinavian study uses a randomisation scheme which will probably prevent the group from obtaining a scientifically valuable result.Four such cases have been reported in the United Kingdom during the past decade, the study says.If the study yields promising projections, construction will begin in April.Paleontology is the study of ancient life.Treatment with sedative antihistamines was continued throughout the study if they were in use on entry.The study also showed a disturbing trend in another area: hours worked.study of/into/onBut how does this allow a study of style that is objective and exact?There have been studies of the artwork people put up.The Agriculture Minister, John Gummer, said that the government would carry out a pilot study into pollution control methods.Grammars and parsers were invented for the study of human languages.Geochronology: the study of time in relation to the history of the Earth.Subject matter relevant to the study of banking: commodity money, coin currency etc.The study of Scripture, he suggested, did nothing to hinder an inquisitive man's delight in the study of nature.Not uncommonly, studies of this kind which relate to relatively uncharted areas raise more issues than they solve.study skillsIn addition to counselling on particular personal problems, advice is available on aspects such as accommodation, study skills and careers.Organising yourself Of all study skills, perhaps the most elusive is the ability to organise and manage time effectively.Tuition in study skills and information retrieval methods especially electronic.These were intended to cover areas such as language use and the acquisition of study skills.For others it meant something comparable to an across-the-curriculum approach to the teaching of study skills.For some members of staff, study skills was what the ESSE/L Project was really all about.Others also emphasised the study skills dimension of the library plan, but meant something much narrower by it.Much use will be made of the School Library where study skills will be learnt.literary/historical/scientific etc studyThere is no doubt that Angelica Kauffman's work offers a large and varied body of materials for feminist cultural and historical study.Government ministries set aside $ 7 million for further scientific studies.From this point of view, the resulting surveys are sometimes like historical studies.New scientific studies indicating that the danger of dioxin was in fact worse than previously realized were hardly reported.Literariness, and not this or that work by this or that author, is the object of literary studies.The project will adopt a case-study methodology and will focus on scientific studies of the Precambrian.Third, all purely historical study by its very nature can offer only provisional results.It was pretty carefully set up: First, a report of a seemingly scientific study.