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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtonalton‧al /ˈtəʊnl $ ˈtoʊ-/ adjective  1 Crelating to tones of colour or sound The tonal range she uses is wide and varied.2 technicalAPM a piece of music that is tonal is based on a particular key opp atonal
Examples from the Corpus
tonalMoreover, there are continuous advances in tonal and technical design and production.This gives better tonal contrast than any other pairing.The exaggerated tonal contrasts Manet used added drama to his paintings.It's cleverer and more controllable than gamma correction and easier than struggling with brightness / contrast or tonal curves.Little concerned to adopt the tonal idioms of opera for the sake of dramatic expression was Nicolas Bernier.Where I am sometimes less happy is in the tonal quality of the upper string playing.The tonal range is extensive from just a few different grades.She spoke in an angry volume that shrank my male unit and climbed tonal scales like a steam-driven xylophone.Kingsbury a patterned tonal Wilton with a Venetian style in 10 colours.