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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtunetune1 /tjuːn $ tuːn/ ●●● S3 noun  1 [countable]APM a series of musical notes that are played or sung and are nice to listen to syn melody That’s a nice tune. She sang some old classics and a few new tunes.to the tune of something (=using the same tune as another song) The song was sung to the tune of ‘Amazing Grace’.see thesaurus at music2 in tune3 out of tune4 in tune with somebody/sth, out of tune with somebody/something5 to the tune of $1,000/£2 million etc call the tune at call1(9), → change your tune at change1(14), → dance to somebody’s tune at dance2(4), → fine-tune, signature tuneCOLLOCATIONSverbsplay a tuneHe played a tune on the piano.hum/whistle a tuneShe was humming a little tune to herself.write/compose a tuneThey wrote many great tunes together in the 80s.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + tunecatchy/memorable (=one that is easy to remember)His songs have simple words and catchy tunes.the theme tune/signature tune (=the tune at the beginning or end of a television programme etc)the theme tune from the movie 'Titanic'a show tune (=a tune from a musical)Broadway show tunesa dance tuneThe DJ played some bouncy dance tunes.a hymn tunea rousing hymn tune
Examples from the Corpus
tuneWith his Soft Machine background, his deadpan baritone, his witty lyrics and catchy tunes, how could he fail?The band put an easy beat through every tune, you could waltz or smooch or shuffle.an old familiar tuneLike a lot of country writers, his tunes often provide a scenario and a twist.But they seek also to have a religion which is in tune with the world in which we live.Hrun hummed a little tune as he began to pull crumbling leather from the desecrated altar.Stephan hummed a little tune and stirred his soup.So in the overture they put Reuben Reeves on stage doing some of Louis's tunes.Turn on the radio - let's hear some tunes.I've heard that tune before, but I don't know the words to the song.The music box plays the tune "Send in the Clowns."The invisible forces brought us together and made us waltz to an unheard tune.