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2 verb
tune2 [transitive]
1APM to make a musical instrument play at the right pitch:
Someone's coming tomorrow to tune the piano.
2 also tune upTETTC to make small changes to an engine so that it works as well as possible
3TCB to make a radio or television receive broadcasts from a particular place
tune something to something
The radio was tuned to a classical station.

➔ stay tuned

at stay1 (8)

finely/highly tuned

finely tuned feelings, senses, or systems are extremely sensitive and able to react quickly
be tuned to something
a species finely tuned to life in the desert

tune in

phrasal verb
1AMTTCB to watch or listen to a broadcast on radio or television
tune in to
People get their information by tuning in to foreign radio stations.
More than 150 million Americans tuned in to watch the final episode.
2 also be tuned in to realize or understand what is happening or what other people are thinking
tune in to
Try to tune in to your partner's needs.
The company aims to be more tuned in to customer needs.

tune out

phrasal verb
to ignore or stop listening to someone or something:
A bored child may simply tune out.
tune somebody/something ↔ out
I learned to tune out the background noise.

tune up

phrasal verb
1APM when musicians tune up, they prepare their instruments to play at the right pitch
tune something ↔ up
The band were tuning up their guitars.

tune something ↔ up

to make small changes to an engine so that it works as well as possible

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