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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverseverse /vɜːs $ vɜːrs/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]APM a set of lines that forms one part of a song, poem, or a book such as the Bible or the Quran (Koran) Let’s sing the last verse again. Learn the first two verses of the poem by heart. Genesis chapter 3, verse 132 [uncountable]AL words arranged in the form of poetry a book of comic versein verse Written in verse, the play was set in the Middle Ages.
Examples from the Corpus
verseHis knowledge was real, and he documented it chapter and verse.Their craftsmanship makes it clear that he took the business of composing verse and music very seriously indeed.I only know the words to the first verse.These words echo the fist verse of Isaiah 42 1, the Song of the Servant and also Psalm 2 verse7.And I could turn out imitative verse which expressed similar sentiments.Jaq now surmised that Googol was reciting his own verses under his breath, polishing old ones, composing new ones.A man's verses were his title deeds to territory.And the verse is accordingly irregular and gnarled and yet sappy, far more like growing timber than like steel rails.Had Leapor survived she might have burned some of her unpublished verses as she did her juvenilia.in verseThe entire play is written in verse.