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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvibesvibes /vaɪbz/ noun [plural] informal  1 FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETCthe good or bad feelings that a particular person, place, or situation seems to produce and that you react togood/bad etc vibes I have good vibes about this contract.2 APMa vibraphone
Examples from the Corpus
vibesBut the early vibes suggest that each party is more likely to play first to its existing strength.Manolo decided to ride the vibes for the moment.Lee picked up the vibes and looked with wide-eyed apprehension as I held my breath and waited.good/bad etc vibesI said let's wait and see how it prints and Vic agreed but I didn't get good vibes.I seem to've had bad vibes about you lately.Are these just bad vibes and sour grapes or is hip hop just too naughty by nature for the mainstream?Bad season, bad vibes, still only the second-most-hated man in Cleveland.We've been picking up some bad vibes on that guy.I've already said that the neck feels wonderful, but the good vibes don't stop there.