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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvirtuosovir‧tu‧o‧so /ˌvɜːtʃuˈəʊsəʊ $ ˌvɜːrtʃuˈoʊsoʊ/ noun (plural virtuosos) [countable]  APsomeone who is a very skilful performer, especially in music violin virtuoso Vanessa Maesee thesaurus at expert, skilfulvirtuoso adjective [only before noun] a virtuoso performance a virtuoso pianist
Examples from the Corpus
virtuosoThe solo dulcimer player, Eugene Gladkov, is clearly a virtuoso of the first order.Beckerhoff is a virtuoso trumpeter with an excellent range and sound.Baryshnikov is probably the most dazzling virtuoso we have seen.Political virtuoso that he is, Haider played skillfully on popular fears over these issues.At this stage, yet another set of variations in the cuckoo's virtuoso repertoire of adaptations comes into play.This is a shame in a book so rich in ideas and so virtuoso in its handling of specialist terminology.This virtuoso decorative carving is a typical feature of late Gothic architecture in Bohemia.Made me indignant in the same way virtuoso bureaucratic behavior still provokes me.virtuoso performanceMinton's virtuoso performances with pencil or pen and ink commended him as a teacher.The party of astonished villagers raised a spontaneous cheer at this virtuoso performance.