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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvocalvo‧cal1 /ˈvəʊkəl $ ˈvoʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 PROTESTexpressing strong opinions publicly, especially about things that you disagree with syn outspokenvocal in Foley has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the government.vocal opponent/critic/supporter etc She was a vocal opponent of the plan.2 [only before noun]APM relating to the voice or to singing vocal music Allison’s vocal style is influenced by country and blues music. a female vocal groupvocally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
vocala vocal critic of the governmentSun is campaigning against Microsoft Corp., a vocal critic of the standards plan.the Beach Boys and other early '60s teen vocal groupsThe band's stunning vocal harmonies have earned them a big name in the States.He was always the most vocal in the late-night discussions about how the war should be fought.For one thing, it has never been shown that the carrying out of group tasks requires a vocal language.Consequently rational members of organizations are more likely to stay loyal and inactive than to be vocal participants.vocal opponent/critic/supporter etcThe priest, Gleb Yakunin, long has been a vocal critic and irritant to secular as well as religious authorities.As his more vocal opponents began to demand his resignation, Wahid insisted he still had Megawati's support.Fife Symington has been a vocal opponent of a Proposition 187 movement in Arizona.Many are vocal opponents of liberalised international markets in general.Has Visa International -- one of the most vocal opponents of so-called ambush marketing -- ended up ambushing itself?Sun is campaigning against Microsoft Corp., a vocal critic of the standards plan.Switchboard became a vocal opponent of the tactics, providing material for parliamentary and media attacks upon the practices.