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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaltzwaltz1 /wɔːls $ wɒːlts/ noun [countable]  1 APDa fairly slow dance with a regular pattern of three beats2 APMa piece of music intended for this type of dance a Strauss waltz
Examples from the Corpus
waltzThe show will feature dance music by Bach, waltzes by Strauss and Tchaikovsky, and a play-along piece.After the polonaise, the first waltz brightened the room with its jaunty rhythm.They had waltzed the last waltz together, now the evening was over.They love big gatherings and dances, where whole families will take part in waltzes and two-steps.Joseph sat on the front porch playing the popular waltzes and reels of the day.They like everything from Strauss waltzes to a taste of the avant-garde.The Strauss waltz started up in the bedroom.Viennese waltzes