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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_353_fwoodwindwood‧wind /ˈwʊdˌwɪnd/ noun  1 APM[uncountable] musical instruments made of wood or metal that you play by blowing and that usually have finger holes or keysbrass, percussion, stringed instrument, wind instrument woodwind instruments such as the flute or saxophone2 woodwinds
Examples from the Corpus
woodwindWe will now lay out various chords for double woodwind and two horns.The large gap between the bassoons and the next woodwind part above is filled by the brass.Strings sound silky but not close and the woodwind come to us from a perfectly judged distance.It sparkled throughout with some graceful playing by the soloist plus great elegance and finesse from the woodwind.It can be used as an inner voice in the woodwind ensemble, but tends to be obtrusive.Now the secretive whistler with the woodwind song was revealed.The woodwind can only be used for doubling notes which are already present in the brass.The woodwind maintained a perfect pitch and, like the strings and brass, produced a consistently voluptuous sound.