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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishxylophonexy‧lo‧phone /ˈzaɪləfəʊn $ -foʊn/ noun [countable]  xylophone.jpg APMa musical instrument which consists of metal or wooden bars of different lengths that you hit with a special stickglockenspiel
Examples from the Corpus
xylophoneThey will never recede like a xylophone.Ribs like a xylophone, they said.Emma was experimenting with atonal motifs on a xylophone and Vicky had been given a doll but had pulled the arm off.She spoke in an angry volume that shrank my male unit and climbed tonal scales like a steam-driven xylophone.The hammering and pounding made a terrific noise, as if the old men were tuning dementedly a giant xylophone.It can only be a matter of time before some one buys Ronan's Fisher Price xylophone.