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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishAussieAus‧sie /ˈɒzi $ ˈɒːzi, ˈɑːzi/ noun [countable]  SAN informal someone from AustraliaAussie adjective
Examples from the Corpus
AussieFeatherstone will now use a slice of the Fox cash to recruit an Aussie scrum half.Every Aussie team has a nickname.Roebuck added the conversion, and the Aussies were coasting 19-0 at the interval.Two more Roebuck penalties gave the Aussies a 9-7 lead which they held until Stephens' two drop goals.But Harding is a superb pitcher, with a controversial past and could help the Aussies to a strong showing.She and two of the Aussies then proceeded to the next floor where guest bedrooms were to be found.Laker's return of 9 for 37 was outstanding, but he was to go one better when the Aussies followed on.