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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishBedouinBed‧ou‧in /ˈbeduɪn/ (also Bedu) noun (plural Bedouin or Bedouins) [countable]  1 SANsomeone who belongs to an Arab tribe that traditionally lives in tents in the desert2 the BedouinBedouin adjective
Examples from the Corpus
BedouinIt made me think of a Bedouin taking out his prayer carpet and unrolling it in the vastness of the desert.Six Arabs - their headdress and robes suggest they are Bedouin - rest beside an ancient well of translucent blue water.Cecil had imported a tribe of Bedouins to the site to play the spectacular scenes.Small desert rodents and the Bedouin goat can survive short periods of dehydration which result in a 20-30 percent weight loss.