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black in Nationality & race topic

blackblack2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [uncountable]CC the dark colour of coal or night You look good wearing black. coal-black2 (also Black) [countable]SAN someone who belongs to the race of people who originally came from Africa and who have dark brown skinwhite laws that discriminated against blacks3 be in the black
Examples from the Corpus
blackBlack is his favorite color.The laws were used to discriminate against blacks.So soul, with the uncompromising Aretha as its star, was enjoyed and purchased by whites and blacks.Minimalist in beige, black and cement with big arrangements of fresh flowers.I remember this time after school there was a fight between blacks and whites.It sees them as little more than rural ghettoes designed by previous hated white regimes to keep blacks and whites apart.Put some more black around your eyes.Most blacks were illiterate; even those who were educated were oppressed.In the end, four whites and seventeen blacks were hanged; thirteen blacks were burned-at the stake.The president's unilateral reforms will achieve little if he does not talk to blacks.