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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishEurasianEu‧ra‧sian1 /jʊˈreɪʒən, -ʃən/ adjective  1 SANrelating to both Europe and Asia2 old-fashioned having one European parent and one Asian parent
Examples from the Corpus
EurasianThe Colonel's in two minds about it; his fine Eurasian face is troubled.He clicked his heels and bowed briefly towards a beautiful Eurasian girl.We will see how the mummies occupied the midpoint of the most important overland trade route in Eurasian history.A gorgeous Eurasian man combs me out.Tree seedlings, Eurasian migrants, and farm weeds all thrived along with the replanted prairie species.The pigeons, descendants of the wild Eurasian rock dove, also present a sanitation problem.