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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMaoriMao‧ri /ˈmaʊri/ noun  1 [countable]SAN someone who belongs to the race of people that first lived in New Zealand and now forms only a small part of the population2 [uncountable]SLL the language used by the Maori peopleMaori adjective Maori children
Examples from the Corpus
MaoriRisk factors for sudden infant death syndrome were remarkably consistent for both Maori and non-Maori populations within New Zealand.They are the result of two years of research and writing mainly by Maori for non-Maori readers.Toopi, on his international debut, put Maori ahead after 11 minutes with the first of his two tries.This has angered the Maori and left the government with no policy other than a set of good intentions.When Captain Cook encountered the Maori he found the chiefs adorned with jade insignia.The Maori obtained their nephrite adze blades by cutting grooves from either face of a boulder, using abrasives and water.