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bankbank2 verb  1 MONEYmoneyBFB a) [transitive] to put or keep money in a bank Did you bank that check? b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to keep your money in a particular bankbank with Who do you bank with?bank at I’ve always banked at First Interstate.2 TURNplane [intransitive]TTATTC if a plane banks, it slopes to one side when turning The plane banked, and circled back toward us.3 PILE/ROWSpile/rows (also bank up) [transitive] British EnglishLINE to arrange something into a pile or into rows Snow was banked up on either side of the road.4 CLOUD/MISTcloud/mist (also bank up) [transitive]DN to form a mass of cloud, mist etc Banked clouds promised rain.5 FIREfire (also bank up) [transitive]BURN to cover a fire with wood or coal to keep it going for a long time Josie banked up the fire to last till morning. bank on somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bankDozens of candles were banked before the altar.The bobsled run has banked curves about a mile long.The enemy fighter banked left, then right.She's managed to bank more than $300,000.Bank the hot coals on a grill.bank withWho do you bank with?