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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarebare1 /beə $ ber/ ●●○ adjective  1 without clothesDCCNAKED not covered by clothes syn naked a ragged child with bare feet She felt the warm sun on her bare arms.bare-headed/bare-chested/bare-legged etc2 land/treesDN not covered by trees or grass, or not having any leaves The trees soon gave way to bare rock.3 not covered/emptyDHH empty, not covered by anything, or not having any decorations She looked round her tiny bare room. a bare wood staircasesee thesaurus at empty4 the bare facts5 smallest amount necessary [only before noun]LITTLE/NOT MUCH the very least amount of something that you need to do something He got 40% – a bare pass. The room had the bare minimum (=the smallest amount possible) of furniture.the bare essentials/necessities Her bag was light, packed with only the bare essentials. If you ask her about herself, she gives only the barest (=the smallest amount possible) of details.6 the bare bones7 lay something bare8 with your bare hands9 bare infinitivebareness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
bareThe dress tied around her neck, leaving her shoulders bare.In winter, rice fields were bare and brown, but there was the anticipation of spring planting just around the corner.bare and treeless hillsThe strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.bare-chested menThe room was completely bare except for a bed against the wall.Rostov felt as if there was a bare exposed place between his shoulder blades.He skipped into sight in his bare feet.bare feetHe placed the towel on the bed under her bare foot.Using her bare hands, she smears paint on the canvas.a bare-looking roomOpponents argued that Prop. 140 was passed in an off-year election by a bare majority-52 percent-of the voters.The measure passed by a bare majority of votes.We spent a long time walking through the bare rooms, remembering the games we used to play there.Paint the bare wood with a primer.bare minimumTry to keep administrative costs to a bare minimum.But the ruling says they can only pay the bare minimum.Challenge it and challenge it again until it's at a bare minimum.It is generally sensible to limit the additional capabilities that the new desktop publishing product will give you to the bare minimum.Or Sally Jessy, bare minimum.The role of government in macroeconomic management had to be pruned to a bare minimum.The men possessed only the barest minimum necessary for survival.Leaders like that get only the bare minimum of effort and never rouse employees to cooperative activity.The bare minimum required to keep the account open.