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bleachbleach2 verb [transitive]  DCDNto make something pale or white, especially by using chemicals or the sun She bleached her hair blonde. The wood had been bleached by the sun.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bleachNeither do they need to be bleached.Red noses, purple hands, hair bleached a premature white by anxiety and poverty.As for the remedies - try waxing, bleaching and shaving.In the center of the kitchen was a large pine table, bleached by age, with benches on either side.To play the part, Kensit had to bleach her hair and gain 20 pounds.I can't believe she bleached her hair.The bones had been bleached in the desert sun.The photo appears, the boys standing drunkenly at an angle, inert and bleached, the fish in darkness.I'm going to bleach these curtains and see if I can get the stains out.bleached ... hairShe used make-up and bleached her hair and was a very attractive girl.She got contact lenses and bleached her hair blonde.This girl, with her dirty hands and stringy bleached hair, knew all about men.With the hood down my summer sun bleached hair might give the wrong message?